第十七章 其他

第一条 本条件共有中文和英文两种版本,如发生语义冲突,以中文版本为准。

第二条 本条件文本已报中华人民共和国民用航空局备案,自201981日起正式生效并施行,在此日期之后订立的运输合同适用本条件。

第三条 本条件生效后,天航有权修改本条件文本,但新的《天津航空有限责任公司旅客、行李国际运输总条件》变更前订立的运输合同,仍应适用变更前的总条件。



 Article 17 Miscellaneous


17.1 There are two versions of these Conditions, a Chinese version and an English version. In the event of any language dispute, the Chinese version will be taken as final.

17.2 These conditions have been put on record in the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) and will officially come into effect and be implemented on 1th Aug 2019. For contracts of carriage settled after this date, these conditions shall be used.

17.3 After these conditions come into effect, Tianjin Airlines has the right to amend the text of these conditions. However, for reserved contracts of carriage made before the date of the new “Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd. General Conditions of International Carriage for Passengers and Baggage” coming into effect, these conditions will not be used and the previous edition will apply.

Tianjin Airlines Co., Ltd. has the right to interpret these conditions.