第十四章 附加服务安排

第一条 如果天航为旅客安排由第三方提供的航空运输之外的服务,或者为旅客出具地面运输、旅馆预订或者车辆租赁等由第三方提供(非航空)运输或者服务的票证、收款凭证,在安排上述附加服务时天航仅作为旅客的代理,对于旅客能否得到此类服务及其服务质量不承担责任。第三方服务提供者的条款和条件适用于该服务。

第二条 如果天航也向旅客提供地面运输,本条件不适用于该地面运输。


Article 14 Additional Service Arrangements


14.1 If in the course of concluding the contract of carriage by air, Tianjin Airlines agrees to make arrangements for the provision of additional services, Tianjin Airlines is not liable to the passenger for any damage, loss or expense whatsoever arising from or in connection with such arrangements. If Tianjin Airlines  arranges non-air-carriage services provided by a third party for the passenger, or provides the passenger with a coupon or receipt certificate for non-air-carriage services provided by a third party including ground carriage, hotel reservations or vehicle rental, when arranging the aforementioned services, Tianjin airlines is merely acting as an agent for the passenger, and does not assume responsibility for whether the passenger receives these services or not, and does not guarantee their quality. The provisions and regulations of the third party service provider are applicable to these services.

14.2 If Tianjin Airlines also provides ground carriage for the passenger, these conditions are not applicable to the ground carriage service.