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第一条 一般规定



第二条 购票时限


第三条 旅客的个人资料


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第五条 座位再确认



Article 5 Reservations


5.1 General

5.1.1 A reservation is not confirmed until it is recognized by Tianjin Airlines or its Authorized Agent. Only when the passenger has paid for his ticket within the reservation and ticketing time limit prescribed in Tianjin Airlines ’ Regulations and the ticket is issued by Tianjin Airlines  or its Authorized Agent, and the reservation entered on the appropriate flight coupon, is a reservation considered valid and effective.

5.1.2 As provided in Tianjin Airlines ’ Regulations, certain fares may have conditions which limit or exclude the passenger’s right to change or cancel reservations. For specific provisions regarding such ticket prices, please refer to the corresponding transportation price provisions.

5.2 Ticketing Time Limit

If the passenger has not paid for his/her ticket within the prescribed ticketing time limit, the reservation may be cancelled by Tianjin Airlines or its Authorized Agent.

5.3 Personal Data

The passenger recognizes that personal data has been given to Tianjin Airlines for the purposes of making a reservation for carriage, obtaining ancillary services, facilitating immigration and entry requirements. For these purposes the passenger authorizes Tianjin Airlines to retain such data and to transmit it to government organizations, its own offices, other carriers or the providers of such services, in whatever country they may be located.

5.4 Seating

Except for providing seats for passengers who have a reserved flight and class of cabin, Tianjin Airlines does not guarantee to provide any particular seat in the aircraft. Because of the need for travel, safety and security, the carrier will maintain his/her allotted or reallotted seating right on the plane, even after the passenger has boarded the plane.

5.5 Reconfirmation of Reservation

Tianjin Airlines does not require reconfirmation of reservations for continuing or return flights that have already been booked. However, if the ticket contains flights which connect to another carrier’s flight, it may be subject to the operating carrier’s requirement of reservation reconfirmation. In the event of failure to comply with any such requirement, the carrier has the right to cancel the passenger’s reservation and Tianjin Airlines is not liable to the passenger for loss or expense resulting from this. Passengers should first inquire about reconfirmation of reservation requirements of the other relevant carriers, and if reconfirmation of reservations is required, the passenger should comply with the reconfirmation rule directly with the carrier whose code is shown on the ticket.