The Moebius Strip Presentation

This flash movie includes information about the Moebius Strip, who invented it, and how to construct one all presented in an interactive way that is easy to understand. Just click one of the three links to start playing the movie in Macromedia Flash 4. You may choose the size that fits your screen resolution best.

Moebius Presentation - Large

Moebius Presentation - Medium

Moebius Presentation - Small

Pop can Moebius Strip

The Moebius Strip can have many fun uses, as demonstrated in this example, a Moebius Strip made of pop cans. Nobody has yet to make one, but we have created virtual model in 3D. To view this file, you need the Cosmo Player.

Click the above image to see the VRML model.

Can you make a Moebius Strip out of pop cans? Nobody has done it yet. If you manage, send a picture of your creation to Drastic-Creations through email, and we'll publish your picture on the web!

If you think the Moebius Stripe is a cool shape, there's actually jewelry in the shape of it! Check out for more info.

Movie and model produced and distributed by Drastic-Creations